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Missing some audio logs?

Ok, so I think I figured out why some people are having trouble finding all of the first 29 logs. I beat the campaign on all the difficulties and the started a new game to get the audio logs instead of just loading the Mombasa Streets mission. Once all of the city was available to travel around in, I went to all 29 locations but only ended up with 22 audio logs. (Yes I'm sure I went to every location.) I decided screw it and went after the rest of the game to get "Good Samaritan". After doing a few missions, I found some logs that I'd already gone past and weren't active, so at the time I'd thought I'd gotten them on one of my first few playthroughs.

So here's what I'm thinking, I've you're doing a playthrough, and not all of the side missions have been done yet, not all of the audio logs will be active. Going to finish the side missions than back track through the 29 locations again...

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