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Virtua Fighter isn't a game that rewards the player for knowing 1 move. Sure, using the same easy combo over and over again might work against the Kyu's and most Dan's, but once you get to the 7th, 8th, or 9th Dan opponents, you really need to learn every aspect of your character (and also learn the game in general).

If you didn't like VF5, I suggest forgetting it. As a matter of fact... since you are resorting to asking for cheap spam combos to win, I recommend that you stay away from Virtua Fighter altogether. Not just because it is my favorite fighting game franchise and you are asking us to taint it's reputation for being the most technical and execution heavy fighting game, but because you clearly don't care for that style of fighting game. I noticed a lack of Tekken on your list as well.

Soul Calibur is great, but it is one of the easiest fighting games of all time. VF requires quite a bit of skill and dedication to become even decent. If you aren't willing to put even a little effort into it, it isn't worth playing.

Not to sound like a judgmental asshole, but I'm a little surprised that you haven't played SF4. I'm a huge fighting game fan, and love almost every series, but SF4 is your next logical step up. I can imagine the jump from SC4 to VF5 was quite unsettling.

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