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The goal here is to get past the first yellow arrow speed booster and fall off the left side of the path. Look for a cactus and a lamp post before starting. Once you fall over the edge you’ll see (CP228) Trapeze Artist Hat. Go out the blue tunnel and work your way to the left to find (CP229) Clown Hat. Continue on and you will pass a soccer net on you left and should see another blue column of light for the bowling mini game.

Here you need to go down the left side for (CP230) Monsters Inc Walls and the right side for (CP231) Panama Hat. Once you have both head back to the bowling mini game start point and look at the large red loop in the back corner. On the ground level there is an opening so go inside and turn left up the blue ramp. Go as far as you can and fall over the edge for (CP232) Hot Rod Walls then drive through the blue tunnel to exit. Turn left and stay along the wall. Turn left again and make your way up the big blue ramp back to the top. Stay in the middle while going up for (CP233) Pilot Hat.
I'm having so much trouble trying to find these two capsules. I went up the dirt ramp and fell off the left side of it to collect the Trapeze Artist hat and exited through the blue tunnel. I searched all over the ground level and there are no more capsules to be found. Your description says to "go down the left side" after you pass the soccer net. The only thing to the left of me is a big red loop. According to your checklist, these are the last two I need to collect. Ugh, I'm so close to completing this game.

E: Nevermind, I got them. I guess I should have tried starting the bowling game
I'm blaming you for misleading me because you never said to

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