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Originally Posted by EnkiduV3 View Post
Not to sound like a judgmental asshole, but I'm a little surprised that you haven't played SF4. I'm a huge fighting game fan, and love almost every series, but SF4 is your next logical step up. I can imagine the jump from SC4 to VF5 was quite unsettling.
Yes it was, my girlfriend brought me virtua fighter 5 and i normally dont just put the disc in my console and play it (thats normally for my 'tester' account for completion purposes).. Anyway tekken 6 i havent gotten around to yet, as for SF4 i have played it, not on my account thow, SC4 is definantly 'easier' then VF5, i first played SC2 on the original xbox & loved it, so had an idea of the characters/gameplay,etc. Having being new to the VF series & putting enough time into this game to see if i truely enjoy it, and obviously dont, i think i will just accept there is nothing 'easy' about VF5 unless u truely enjoy the way it plays as a fighter and game itself....

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