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Originally Posted by skiscaraudio View Post
i got perfect on all of the first six in the first pod but only got like 3.5 million and it said i failed (need 5 million for bronze), i went back and tinkered around
and found u have to get as many blocks (over 3) for the fruit then catch them before they fall...i think the more u get the more fruit u get, then try to get as many as u can for multipliers before they hit the pad (hit the ground with fruit and perfect is gone)...u don't get a multiplier for every fruit and i don't know how many u need...tuff little game but fun!
got 9.8 million for the silver gonna do a pod a day to keep my sanity intact.
always leave a block out of the way of the door to clear your fruit or you'll get sucked in the door! then when u got the fruit go get that last block, just don't leave more than 2 or u will get another fruit and may get sucked into the perfect if u miss that last fruit
If you fail a level you have to replay the whole entire stage. If you completed all levels but did not perfect them, then you can play individual levels. You may have 6 perfects, but i bet you do not have 6 stars.

Every time you make a combo of 3, a fruit will appear. If you make fruit frenzy and mega fruit frenzy the likelihood of fruit falling is next to nil, since a water melon stands in place. You run the risk of fruit falling when you have too much hang time and touch the fruit that was created from a combo made.

You do not have to catch the fruit as its' falling to produce a perfect. You can also catch the fruit in your POD. It may look like you caught fruit, but sometimes your pod may be just enough to the right or left of the fruit that gave the illusion of "catching" fruit.
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