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List of all Cheat Codes

Since there seem to be a huge amount of different topics posting different cheats, I figured it would be a good idea to make a list of all the ones found. To enter the cheats, you must go into Diagon Alley from The Leaky Cauldron and find the shop that sells spells, it should say "Wizarding Supplies" above the shop. The codes can be entered on the blackboard on the top floor of the shop.
~~ I'm not taking credit for these cheats, just listing them ~~
Please note that extras do NOT disable achievements. In fact, they are encouraged, so feel free to use them.


ERA9DR - Glacius (Freezes Enemies)
MYN3NB - Entomorphis (Makes Enemies act like insects)
2UCA3M - Rictusempra (Tickles Enemies)
KWWQ44 - Tarantallegra (Makes Enemies Dance)

Gold Bricks:
QE4VC7 - Gold Brick 1
FY8H97 - Gold Brick 2
3MQT4P - Gold Brick 3
PQPM7Z - Gold Brick 4
ZY2CPA - Gold Brick 5
3GMTP6 - Gold Brick 6
XY6VYZ - Gold Brick 7
TUNC4W - Gold Brick 8
EJ42Q6 - Gold Brick 9
GFJCV9 - Gold Brick 10
DZCY6G - Gold Brick 11

Score Extras:

74YKR7 - x2 Score
J3WHNK - x4 Score
XK9ANE - x6 Score
HUFV2H - x8 Score
H8X69Y - x10 Score
(Multipliers can be used simultaneously)
H27KGC - Character Studs (enemies drop studs)

Extras designed to assist you:

7AD7HE - Red Brick Detector (Shows nearby red bricks with red arrows)
ZEX7MV - Doomed Recovery (Supposedly prevents falling from cliffs)
QQWC6B - Invincibility (Makes the player immune to enemy damage)
HA79V8 - Character Detector (Shows nearby characters with white arrows)
J9U6Z9 - Extra Hearts (Player gains two extra hearts)
Z9BFAD - Fast Dig (Digging characters dig faster)
FA3GQA - Fast Magic (Witches/Wizards perform spells faster)
84QNQN - Gold Brick Detector (Shows nearby gold bricks with yellow/gold arrows)
TTMC6D - Crest Detector (Shows nearby crest pieces with blue arrows)
89ML2W - Regenerate Hearts (Player regains health over time)
67FKWZ - Stud Magnet (Studs can be collected from further away)


HZBVX7 - Silhouettes (Turns characters into shadows)
4DMK2R - Disguise (All characters wear funny disguises)
F88VUW - Ice Rink (Makes floors slippery)
AUC8EH - Carrot Wands (Replaces wands with carrots)
T7PVVN - Christmas (All characters wear Santa hats and Christmas music plays)
BMEU6X - Singing Mandrake (Mandrakes sing, but still cause characters to hold ears)

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