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Originally Posted by Lailoken View Post
Looks like I need to try the Scientist. My run-n-gun brute of a Soldier isn't quite getting the job done (or it could be that I just suck!) It's still a lot of fun though. I play Conquest almost exclusively because it's a bit more fun for me than the other modes.
Try using a scout, walk alone, and deal with your targets one by one.
When you see a leader walking alone, don't even bother, he'll slaughter you once he gets his buff up, even if you backstab him. Always start the fight with a melee strike in the back, then just blast away with your shotgun. Also try holding the left trigger for fine aim, I've noticed it takes far less shots because it gets really accurate.
Recently I've also been working on sniping people, the Null Ray works wonders I tell you. When I wanted to end up first whilst sniping, stealing kills worked best for me. Just stick with a group, stay cloaked and stay a bit behind them. As soon as the bullets start flying, snipe the weakest char.(When you snipe you're not cloaked anymore, don't forget that!) This way you should end up getting a good 10+ kills. Also, make sure you don't die, don't be afraid to dash around a corner, cloak, and drive off if things get too hot.

The perks I use are: Surprise attack. ( More damage when coming out of cloak).
This'll also get you 75 or 100 extra EXP for every kill.
Health Matrix. ( Gain health for every kill).
Blaster Amplifier. ( 2 extra clips of ammo).
Blaster Amplifier is such a godsent to me, I always ended up without ammo in firefights, with this perk that problem is gone. It gets you 14(?) extra shotgun shots and 10(?) extra Null Ray shots.

On a final note: Know your surroundings, this is really important.
Know where people spawn, how to walk around certain areas for flanking etc.

These strategies usually give me a score of 15+ kills and 1 or 2 deaths. Ofcourse this may vary depending on the skill of the user.

I hope this helped you out, and if you're still having trouble we can also tag team, I need to level up my scientist anyway.
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