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Originally Posted by KNIGHTOFSERA View Post
I think the problem most people have with it is everything except the rpg elements and decision paths

everything else like combat, graphics, main character development are lacking for them

and those are the game killers

also as stated above this game was hyped a decent amount, and comes from Obsidian..who people were expecting more from

I have yet to play it, so thats my take on what Ive seen people say...Ill judge for myelf when I get around to renting it
People are moaning about the RPG elements because of the Reticule of the guns and the AI spotting you when you don't have sound damper equipment.

AP has solid combat, graphics that rival Fallout 3 and ME2, and your character does develope quite well since you learn more as the game goes.

Those aren't Killers because those are dislikes on AP since people blame RPGs since they lack the skill to play those while most games don't have the high level of graphics that games like Crysis, Uncharted 2, and God of War 3 have acheived.

AP had the basic hype of any Western RPG like Oblivion and KotR had.

You're better off buying AP especially when it has excellent replayability, which that means its worth more then $60 in general.
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