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The whole 'poor combat' thing is completely bogus, no truth to it at all.

As I've said in a few places now, the only problem with this game is with the players who can't handle that it's an RPG and NOT an action game. They hate that they have to rely on the stats and skills and game mechanics rather than their own personal skill like they would with Splinter Cell. If people would wake up and realize this is an RPG through and through, they may not like it any more, but at least they'd dislike it for a valid reason. After all, not everyone enjoys RPG's, and there's nothing wrong with that, it's perfectly fine is someone dislikes the game because it's an RPG, but to dislike it for being a BAD game when their own preconceptions are that it's a Splinter Cell style game is teh fault of the individual, not the game.

The problem is with the players, not the game, simple as that.

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