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I love this game. To me it puts SC: Conviction to shame as far as stealth goes. I would not however, say this regarding SC1-SCCT. Sam's character had built in stealth without leveling up; which compared to AP, made AP more difficult to master the stealth elements. I have been craving a reasonable stealth game for awhile. Finally one appears and is a RPG. A complete win for me. I am playing AP on PS3, I am totally addicted. The belly aching is coming from run and gunners who think all elements are to be handed to them on a platter without improving their skills. I used to be one of those run and gunners, I have tired of those types of games. They are too much alike. If you play one you have played them all. Run, shoot, get rained on by enemy grenades, reach checkpoint, rinse and repeat.
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