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Originally Posted by Hrith View Post
Tons of glitches, dumb AI, 2002 graphics, it's like the game was not finished.

All in all, this game has more bad sides than good sides, but the good sides really make up for the bad ones and it averages as a decent game, mostly thanks to good ideas.
Stop being a Hypocrite man since I guess you haven't played Fallout 3, Halo 3 ODST, MW2, Read Dead Redemption, Gears series, and ME2 then since they were all unfinished games that had glitches in them.

Fallout 3 wasn't finished until Brotherhood of Steel was availble while glitches made it unplayabale at times. Halo 3 ODST was a rushed game for profit hence the Multiplayer was Halo 3 while it was worth $20. MW2 was barely playable because of all the glitches that people found then abused while its playable now because of the multiple patches that were done. Red Dead Redeption has the most glitches inany game that I have played especially for a Modern game. Gears has a good Campaign with Co-Op while the Multiplayer isn't playable except for Horde. ME2 has glitches that will crash your game then erase that data. AP is a polished game while its surprising that most of the people that are having glitches with it are playing the Reviewer's copy, which is the unfinished version that allows Reviewers to skip parts of the game to meet their Deadlines.

Please explain why you think AP is bad instead of using the same things that people say about AP like bad graphics, glitches, and dumb AI. You do realize that all games have glitches including RPGs while most Run n' Gun shooters have some Bad AI like Halo and MW. The way you describe AP clearly sounds that you haven't played AP at all. I don't care if you Hate or Love it while I do care that you have played the entire game and you don't blame the game for the lack of skill that you have. AP is a very good game while you should play AP since you will only be a Flamer until you play it.
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