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Originally Posted by Hrith View Post
I have played several of the games you listed, and I agree they're unfinished games and/or with tons of glitches.
So do not use the 'I have played more games than you' arguments, you have not, and only people with no valid argument resort to ego quarrels.

I did say AP was a 'decent game', which is a positive comment, in case you wondered. But the game still has all those numerous faulty aspects which were mentioned, regardless.

Now bite your tongue.
You need to bite your tongue since you would rather bad mouth AP for glitches while most people don't encounter any glitches at all. Most of the people that have encounterd glitches in AP were Reviewers that played the Review copy, which allows them to skip parts of the game to meet their Deadlines. You also have played the Real unfinished games like Fallout 3, Halo 3 ODST, MW2, Read Dead Redemption, Gears series, and ME2 while you don't bashed those games for their glitches and problems.

By ou saying that AP is a 'decent game' without supporting it makes that comment into a Neutral Opinion. AP does need improvements while you shouldn't bash a AP for not being Perfect because no game is Perect since every game can be improved and has glitches. I don't care if you Hate or Love AP while I do care that you have played the entire game, you don't blame the game for the lack of skill that you have, and that you don't Mindlessly bash it for no reason. Go somewhere else to Flame.

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