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I would give this game a decent at the very best. The only reason I had to buy this game was because of the RPG element and the story, I had imagined it to be similar to Mass Effect. In the RPG aspect I do believe it was interesting.

One huge problem I had with the game was the "mini-games". At first it seemed okay, but it got repetitive very fast. By the time you level up they get longer with less time. I was literally stuck on levels for hours trying to get past the mini-game. It felt more like work to me then a game.

The AI was also something that seemed incredibly unfinished or broken. A few weeks prior I had dusted off my PS2 to play some old games, one of them being James Bond Nightfire (2002). The two AI's seemed to perform similarly to each other, sometimes simply standing there while I shoot them, or not react at all. I understand that everything is not perfect either and I have experienced this on other games..AP had them on every level..multiple times (and for arguement sake, I bought my copy at Gamestop for full retail, it was not a "review copy to make deadlines").

The graphics aren't exactly up to par with what most people believe is standard nowadays, but it's still acceptable.

As for the other games you mentioned.
Yes, they all have glitches.
Yes, they all have problems.
Yes, sometimes they were unplayable.
Nothing is ever perfect.

"Fallout 3 wasn't finished until Brotherhood of Steel was availble while glitches made it unplayabale at times."

Fallout was very enjoyable even without any of the DLC. I do not see why you are saying it wasn't "finished" until BoS was released. They decided to continue the story further for the people who wanted to pay, end of story.

"Halo 3 ODST was a rushed game for profit hence the Multiplayer was Halo 3 while it was worth $20."

I don't see how that makes a game unplayable? Its unplayable because they decided to give you Halo 3 Multiplayer with all maps? ODST was to me more story oriented then anything else. Maybe a bit pricey if it were just to include the ODST and Firefight. But its well worth the money when the Halo maps were thrown in.

"MW2 was barely playable because of all the glitches that people found then abused while its playable now because of the multiple patches that were done."

Glitches happen. Glitches get fixed. While somethings in AP can be fixed with a patch others you have to deal with everytime you play it.

"Red Dead Redeption has the most glitches inany game that I have played especially for a Modern game."

I do not know what you are talking about. I've played RDR twice through the story and multiplayer and in that time I've encountered maybe one freeze (after almost 24 hours of continuous play).

"Gears has a good Campaign with Co-Op while the Multiplayer isn't playable except for Horde."

Multiplayer isn't playable. It isn't playable because of the way it works? Or because you are killed too much?

"ME2 has glitches that will crash your game then erase that data."

I've never heard of a single time where ME2 crashes and then erases your data. Maybe if you crash you'll lose SOME unsaved progress but it won't go into your hard drive with a vengence just to piss you off and erase everything.

"AP is a polished game while its surprising that most of the people that are having glitches with it are playing the Reviewer's copy, which is the unfinished version that allows Reviewers to skip parts of the game to meet their Deadlines."

I don't think I would call AP a polished game at all. It has redeeming qualities but the cons still outweigh the pros. Using your "Reviewer's copy" excuse, I guess me and all my friends that purchased AP at Gamestop are all "game reviewers that need to meet deadlines", because all of us experienced the same glitches, quirks, and problems.
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