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Originally Posted by FeLizP View Post
Tisk Tisk this just seems to be too much work for so little pay off for something that can be done legit with some effort put forth. Yet, I really can't argue as this fighter is not very exciting and is not exactly fun. Not to mention some of the Veteran players online that will cream you if you're not careful.

My best streak legit is like 6 I don't know if I can get better than that nor do I care to up my skills enough to try and get this achievement without boosting. But I just know there's a character exploitation out there I can use to do it I know for a fact it's possible to do this legit!I just hate all the pain and repetetiveness required to get this when boosting aye aye aye what is one to do?

I just don't recall having to make a decision on how to obtain an achievement since "From C to Shining C" . I will continue to look into this one as 1000G in this game will be pretty sweet on my card I'm just not sure if I care enough to go for it.
I applaud you if you can do it legit.....high amount of skill and some luck.

In terms of character exploitations although I don't condone the use of these since I consider it heinous and really lame when playing other people online:

#1: Superman
- infinite ground pound (can be overcome by good people in rage mode)
- number 2 player on the board actually showed me how he insta-kills people in the beginning of the second round which essentially means he beat you in one round if he ended it correctly
(don't know how to do it..but I assure you that was one scary glitch I saw)

#2: Flash
- infinite loop (can't get out of unless you time it extremely well)

#3: Captain Marvel
- super spam the clap and shazam thunderbolt and teleport
(easily beatable with scorpion but just annoying to deal with)

Legit beast characters if used correctly:
#1: Raiden
#2: Subzero
#3: Deathstroke

There's a guy on youtube that regularly posts amazing combos up recently with many characters you would not believe would be good online but he makes it work. If I find the link again I'll post it here. ^_^ no means am I saying that people who main those first three characters are bad. On the contrary, when I used to play....there were indeed legit players that were absolutely beastly with those characters without relying on the broken parts of the game.

It just depends on who you run into and whether they play fair or not because literally some of them will glitch you to win which was unfair when you are on a winning streak.

Hopefully you get it soon and good luck! ^_^
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