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@ GSDrag

I see that you have played unfinished games like Fallout 3, Halo 3 ODST, MW2, Read Dead Redemption, Gears series, and ME2 while you do bash AP since you think that its a Mediocore game. All I see is you bashing AP for having similarities to games like mini-games which appear in all RPGs. You bash the grpahics for AP while ME, Fallout 3, Dragon Age, and Gears have the same exact graphics of AP. You can't moan about graphics until the norm is every game looking like Crysis, Uncharted 2, and God of War 3.

Fallout 3's story wasn't finished because all of the Bethesda games can be played in Free Roam even if the story was over hence why Brotherhood of Steel was the Real Ending for it.

ODST was unplayable since nobody cares to play the old Halo 3 Multiplayer for a new game like ODST. I'm sure you wouldn't want to play Reach if it was completely like Halo 3. ODST should only have been worth $20 since it was a short game hence it was called an Expansion pack while the old Halo 3 Multiplayer was keep and most of the people that played it already paid for all of the maps.

MW2 is still glitchy while its playable now while the first 4 months were a glitchfest that MS didn't want IW to repair it. I can easily deal with glitches while you can't since you're moaning about the no existent glitches in AP.

Red Dead Redemption hs many glitches including flying horses/people, horses disappearing into the ground, the whole freezing the game, and now seeing the game code because of the new Co-Op DLC. Its a glitchy game in general while the Reviewers don't comment since THQ bribed them with money.

Gears Multiplayer is unplayable since most of the player are Modders and Hackers that abuse their Host powers while I doubt that you have played it then.

When ME2 first came out tons of people had glitches that would crash your game then erase that data while many Reviewers commented about that. That still happens while it doesn't happen as much now.

All I hear you is bash AP for problems while you praise games that have worse problems like Fallout 3, Halo 3 ODST, MW2, Read Dead Redemption, Gears series, and ME2. If you actually played AP then you wouldn't be saying the same exact things that most of the Reviewers have while they played the Review copy of it because its an unfinished product that allows them to skip parts of the game to meet their Deadlines. The Review Copy is what most publications do since they get a Free gameeven if its unfinished while I guess you haven't talked to a Gaming, Movie, or Book Journalist then. I don't care if you Hate or Love it while I do care that you have played the entire game, you don't blame the game for the lack of skill that you have, and that you don't Mindlessly bash it for no reason. Go somewhere else to Flame.
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