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Originally Posted by edw211 View Post

5. The mortar battle in the Forest

You knew it was coming, admit it. But no, seriously, I found the crossing of the road to be pretty easy in the Forest if you do it properly. (By the way, I've a guide posted on this forum for anyone struggling) What really boiled my blood was the mortar battle. The least they could have fucking done was give me a checkpoint so I don't have to start all over while I get used to the Bizarro control scheme for the damn thing. I understand trying to preserve realism and all, and it was a cool idea to mimic a mortar's control scheme. But Jesus, at least give me a checkpoint before you mindfuck me with that.
This made me want to kill myself. Crossing the road and getting through the woods wasn't that hard. Clearing the bunker was a little harder, but then that mortar was just ridiculous. I got to the mortar on my first try, and was like, "What the hell am I supposed to do here?", and then quickly got killed as a German ran up and shot me. Repeat 50 times. Then I'd get so frutrated that I'd start going too fast, and get killed on the road or the forest.

It actually took me months to get past this part. I'd try it a few times, get fed up with it, and set the game aside for a while. I finally got past it when I found a sweet spot with the mortar that would kill all German infantry anywhere near my position.
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