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@Blueprotoss: It is fine that you really like AP, but you are in complete denial of its shortcomings it seems. I really enjoy it too- I like the story, conversations, mission structure and the way your choices really influence the story. But the shooting/fighting mechanics, AI, animations, graphics, and so on, are real lacklusters.

No matter what, the other games you are mentioning, are just much, much better overall than AP. The other two RPG's you mention are in a totally different league, and the only thing you bash them for are problems that I have never even heard of. MW2 and RDR certainly have/had a few glitches, but they have never been unplayable because of them- something I don't believe AP is either, but it does lack a lot of qualities, which keeps it from ever being anything more than a decent game.

Besides, Blueprotoss, you are the only one here who comes near flaming anything/anyone. GSDrag, explained how he felt about the game and gave his reasons for it. Then you begin explaining why his opinions are "wrong", because "this and that game also have glitches and this and that game is broken". This is the AP forum- why should he comment on other games than AP here? And why bring other games into this that doesn't even come close to showing problems to the same extent as AP? Besides, as AP is a single player game only, you should really compare it to MW2's SP experience rather than MP.

Like/dislike the game for what it is, but you cannot compare it to games like RDR, Mass Effect, Fallout 3 and the like. Yes, they have their few shortcomings and glitches, but in general they do form a complete package of quality which AP just doesn't. But I'm certainly enjoying AP anyway, though- I'm just not kidding myself about its apparent problems
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