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Originally Posted by Holy !@&* Its Matt! View Post
Okay, so Ive been reading through this thread and a lot of people stuck at 103/104 missed pretty obvious guerilla actions. I, however, believe I am sh*t outta luck, but here goes.

I completed the campaign about four hours ago and drove around and got all the radio missions to pop. I repeat, I got ALL the radio missions to show up. However, when the very last radio mission comes up (the convoy 'capture' mission in Eos that starts at the Free Fire Zone and goes up to the Martian Council) and I go and capture the vehicle and return it to the safe house and it says 'Complete', auto-saves the game, updates the morale of the sector, yet low and behold does NOT count. It just stays at 103/104.

The interesting part, the same mission then pops up again after about a minute of driving around in any sector, yet it does the same exact thing. I completed it about 5 times in a row and still it wont register as being completed. Ive tried exiting and loading the game, nothing. I tried getting some different achievements hoping it would help this one pop, nothing. Ive tried doing other guerilla actions hoping it would make it pop, nothing. Ive tried doing other guerilla missions then the radio mission, nothing.

Am I pretty much screwed and looking at a second playthrough or what? Has anyone else had this problem and found a way to fix it?

The only thing I havent tried is clearing my system cache and trying to get it to re-download the update. Ive also thought about deleting the game off my hard drive and just running it from the disc as well.

I really dont want to have to go through the campaign again just for this. Its the ONLY campaign achievement Ive got left.


Thanks in advance.
I bet there's another convoy mission somewhere. I finished 104/104 and then another convoy mission popped up that I hadn't done yet, so maybe try driving around a little bit more?
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