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Okay, the only shortcomings in this game that I find are the graphics, animations, and very linear level design. Other then that this game is awesome!!! I can't really complain about those issues either because they do nothing to break this game at all! It's only nit-picking.

I have found NO glitches what so ever. The enemy A.I seems fine to me, they go for cover and sometimes try and flank me, and they also dodge a lot of my melee shots as well which is cool.

About the shooting complaints.....THIS IS AN RPG!!! The shooting gets better and more precise as you keep playing and leveling up! It is suppose to suck in the beginning of the game!

Pacing, dialogue, and story are all top notch! Actions and consequences are perfectly executed throughout and conversation options are perfect!

Maybe it is because you guys play the shit out of your xbox's but I have never had any glitches like some of your are upset about!?
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