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When trying to perform certain actions, using zipline, turn on television, or using some other device prompted by the -button, sometimes the -button doesn't show and you cannot perform the action unless you reload a save. And seeing how far back a checkpoint can be at times, this can be a hassle.
Also, the cover-system is pretty flawed. Someplaces you just dont seem to be able to take cover, although it seems like you can, or you have to position yourself just right for it to happen.
The AI is just too dumb. Maneuvring up and down stairs even though you are shooting at them and standing in the open.
And even though I play with the lowest sensitivity it can be hard to aim properly, because it moves to fast, especially when performing the chain shot action. Also, the camera controls aren't responsive enough in tighter spaces.

Some are glitches, some are design flaws, but AP just has more of these than the biggest games out there, and these things hold it back. I'm still enjoying it, especially since the choices and dialogue system works so well, and I also find the stealth to be good.

But apparently glitches appear to some people and not others. I have never experienced anything in Fallout 3 that would "fuck up" my game. I haven't even seen the "flying people"- glitch in RDR or seen people instead of animals (cougarmen and whatnot) or the other way around.

AP has some high points, but, unfortunately, also a lot of low points. It was far from meeting the expectations from before launch, and I think it should have been a smoother experience in a lot of areas. Like or dislike it for what it is- a flawed but, in some aspects, also a fun experience. My opinion
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