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Yes, there are a few bugs. I encounted about two in 4 full playthroughs. I can live with that. This website has bugs too because I had a complete novel written in response and lost it. I can live with that as well. I've seen the glitches you talk about in RDR, cougarmen and stuff. I even got to ride a woman in multiplayer instead of a horse, quite comical. And before the patch, I couldn't stay connected for more than five minutes. Now THAT, in my opinion, "breaks" the game.

Cover system only works if you are FACING the wall you want to cover behind. Took me a while to get the hang of it too. And yes, if your head is sticking out of cover, you can get noticed/shot. Gears of War was pretty much the same way.

I too had difficutly aiming. I tried turning down sensitivity, which helped a lot, but not completely. I bought a new controller and now its silky smooth. I'm not suggesting people run out and buy a new one, but, it should be replaced every so often. Might even help other games as well.

Dumb AI? Well sure. If they made them smarter, people would bash the game cuz its too difficult. The game isn't about shooting people, its an RPG. You develop your character and his abilities to reach the end of the story, with guys that shoot at you put there to impede your progress, nothing more.

Camera angles? Ever play the Tomb Raider games? Need I say more? And THAT series is still going strong....

I think if people would just sit down and play this game FOR WHAT IT IS, and not WHAT THEY THINK IT SHOULD BE, this is a very fun, entertaining, engrossing, and worthwhile game.

Every fan needs to write and let SEGA and Obsidian know they enjoyed the game and want more. Can't hurt. And look what it did for Firefly!
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