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Originally Posted by GSDrag View Post
I have played AP. I have finished AP. I don't have a "review copy", I have the regular retail version that any old schmuck can pick up. I experienced the most glitches in my lifetime on a supposedly "finished and polished" game. No other game has given me the trouble AP did. So I am a bit confused when you say that Fallout, Halo, MW2, and all those other games have bigger problems then AP.

I have played the entire looked good on paper. It was an interesting idea. It had potential, I'll give it that. But it was executed poorly.

I am also not "mindlessly bash it for no reason". I explained everything and my reasons for it.
I haven't experienced any glitches in AP while most people other then Reviewers haven't experienced those glitches. You can continue moaning about AP having glitches while that could be your lcak of skill or your 360 needs to be repaired. You shouldn't be moaning about glitches in AP since they aren't game breaking and every game that comes out has glitches anyway.

I have done 5 walkthroughs in AP while I haven't experienced any gliches at all while I have a Brand new replacement 360 Elite. You can say that AP could be poorly made while I doubt that you have designed a game and have a profit.

You're mindlessly bashing AP for no reason since you only have an Opinion while you can't push your Opinion onto others and make it a Fact. Opinions are Opinions and Facts are Facts while no Opinion is a Fact. Go somewher else to Flame.

Originally Posted by Ink129 View Post
@Blueprotoss: It is fine that you really like AP, but you are in complete denial of its shortcomings it seems. I really enjoy it too- I like the story, conversations, mission structure and the way your choices really influence the story. But the shooting/fighting mechanics, AI, animations, graphics, and so on, are real lacklusters.

No matter what, the other games you are mentioning, are just much, much better overall than AP. The other two RPG's you mention are in a totally different league, and the only thing you bash them for are problems that I have never even heard of. MW2 and RDR certainly have/had a few glitches, but they have never been unplayable because of them- something I don't believe AP is either, but it does lack a lot of qualities, which keeps it from ever being anything more than a decent game.

Besides, Blueprotoss, you are the only one here who comes near flaming anything/anyone. GSDrag, explained how he felt about the game and gave his reasons for it. Then you begin explaining why his opinions are "wrong", because "this and that game also have glitches and this and that game is broken". This is the AP forum- why should he comment on other games than AP here? And why bring other games into this that doesn't even come close to showing problems to the same extent as AP? Besides, as AP is a single player game only, you should really compare it to MW2's SP experience rather than MP.

Like/dislike the game for what it is, but you cannot compare it to games like RDR, Mass Effect, Fallout 3 and the like. Yes, they have their few shortcomings and glitches, but in general they do form a complete package of quality which AP just doesn't. But I'm certainly enjoying AP anyway, though- I'm just not kidding myself about its apparent problems
The one thats in denial is you since you think that your Opinion is Fact. Opinions are Opinions and Facts are Facts while no Opinion is a Fact. Don't confuse things like shooting/fighting mechanics, AI, animations, and graphics being bad while we can say that about most games since we have different Opinions and there's no Perfect game anyways. The shooting/fighting mechanics is based off of your charter stats hence its mainly a RPG with a western theme hence that the weaponry is guns. AI can be said about every game especially with Run n' Gun shooters and RPGs. THe AI is always easy when you play on Easy while the AI has different tacics and damage output when the difficulty is raised. Animations in most games can't acheivve the level that Movies can do while games are limited because of what platform that they are running on as well. Graphics in most games aren't that amazing either hence why only a few games have the best graphics in games like Crysis, Uncharted 2, and God of War 3. You can't moan aboout AP since its one of the few games thats almost Epic level on the Unreal Engine.

RPGs are still RPGs while ME, Fallout, and Alpha Protocol are Western RPGs. ME1, Fallout 3, and AP are all Action RPGs that require you to shoot guns while being stat based based those characters need to learn how to use those weapons profficeintly. I'm not bashing other games for glitches since no game is Perfect while every game has glitches anyways. MW2 and RDR still have glitches to this day. MW2 still has those messed up hit boxes and auto lock bullets/aim. RDR still has the once in a while glitches like flying horses with people, horses disappearing by going underground, and my game freezing. I'm just pointing out things not bashing games.

I'm not Flaming since I'm not forcing my Opinion onto others while I'm not tryong to make my Opinion into Fact. GSDrag is only Flaming since he just hates AP for having glitches while he shouldn't be playing any games since all games have glitches. His Opinion is Wrong because he was trying to say that his Opinion was Fact while it was only his Opinion. I bring up other gamess since people that ahte AP only moan about glitches while every game has glitches.

I can easliy compare AP to RDR, ME, and Fallout 3 since they all have glitches and I can form my own Opinions. AP is very familiar to ME1 since they both required stats to be better with your skills/weapons, a like/dislike system with characters, and a dialogue/choice system. I have throughly enjoyed AP while I'm just saying that I haven't experienced any glitches in all 5 of my walkthroughs. I'm not saying that there are no glitches while most of the gamers that have played AP haven't experienced them like you haven't experienced any glitches in RDR, ME2, Fallout 3, and possibly more game. I can easily respect you while you haven't respected me at all.

Originally Posted by Nitnoid View Post
Yes, there are a few bugs. I encounted about two in 4 full playthroughs. I can live with that. This website has bugs too because I had a complete novel written in response and lost it. I can live with that as well. I've seen the glitches you talk about in RDR, cougarmen and stuff. I even got to ride a woman in multiplayer instead of a horse, quite comical. And before the patch, I couldn't stay connected for more than five minutes. Now THAT, in my opinion, "breaks" the game.

Cover system only works if you are FACING the wall you want to cover behind. Took me a while to get the hang of it too. And yes, if your head is sticking out of cover, you can get noticed/shot. Gears of War was pretty much the same way.

I too had difficutly aiming. I tried turning down sensitivity, which helped a lot, but not completely. I bought a new controller and now its silky smooth. I'm not suggesting people run out and buy a new one, but, it should be replaced every so often. Might even help other games as well.

Dumb AI? Well sure. If they made them smarter, people would bash the game cuz its too difficult. The game isn't about shooting people, its an RPG. You develop your character and his abilities to reach the end of the story, with guys that shoot at you put there to impede your progress, nothing more.

Camera angles? Ever play the Tomb Raider games? Need I say more? And THAT series is still going strong....

I think if people would just sit down and play this game FOR WHAT IT IS, and not WHAT THEY THINK IT SHOULD BE, this is a very fun, entertaining, engrossing, and worthwhile game.

Every fan needs to write and let SEGA and Obsidian know they enjoyed the game and want more. Can't hurt. And look what it did for Firefly!
Agreed. People need to play the game the way it should be played without criticizing the game to be Perfect, which no game is. People also do need to realize that AP is an Action RPG that has guns not a Run n' Gun shooter like CoD or Halo. People would have fun with AP while people criticize games to get an Ego boost while most of them aren't qualified to do that. We should write a letter for support of AP to Sega and Obsidian while letters did work for somethings like Jericho, Serenity, Battlestar Galactica, and X-Files. THe Consumer creates the Demand while companies Supply use with it.

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