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Originally Posted by Ink129 View Post
@Blueprotoss: How is it that, according to you, people who disagree with you are trying to make their opinions into facts? GSDrag wrote that he thought AP was a decent game, but according to his experience there were a number of flaws in the game. He wrote his post entirely from his own point of view.
I'm doing the same thing- I'm playing the game at the moment and I have opinions about it too. Where does any of us state that our opinions are facts? Please point it out to me.
It is you who states things like Gears of War multiplayer being unplayable- that sounds like an opinion you are trying to make into a fact. What I'm saying is, if I'm not being clear about opinion or fact, then you aren't either.

Therefore to be clear as possible- I am not stating my opinions to be facts. To me it seems like it is you, who cannot live with our opinions of the game even though we think it is decent enough. We just find it has more bugs and flaws than it should to be a great game.

Possible minor spoilers in next paragraph:

I experienced 3 glitches/bugs in about 30-40 minutes af game time that were quite annoying. In the warehouse level in Rome I got stuck in a firefight. I was aiming and a guy came up to me and started punching and I beat him down, but after this I could not move. I could aim down the sights and turn the camera, but I was helpless when the grenades came flying because I could not run from them. Even though I pushed every button possible on the controller I was aggravatingly stuck and died.
I retried and cleared the warehouse as I came to a safe. I was supposed to be able to hack/lockpick it, but the -promt didn't show up no matter how I positioned myself. So I retried again.
In the level after this I went into the ruins. The last part where you are supposed to protect the computer it glitched too. I killed the incoming enemies and successfully protected the computer and... nothing happened. No objective accomplished or anything. I checked and double-checked the area for a hidden enemy, but no one was there. I waited for 5 minutes after this but I had to retry... again.

My opinion is: annoying bugs like these happening in such a short time span isn't acceptable, and keeps the game from being anything more than decent. I have personally never experienced anything like this in games such as Fallout 3 or Mass Effect 1+2(or many other games except maybe Alone in the Dark and a few others- all games I disliked), so please do not bring other games into this, as it doesn't help getting your point across with me.

Again: I find the game ok, decent, somewhat good etc. I just think it is a shame that it has so many flaws and bugs/glitches, because these is what hold it back. The game has such potential but doesn't live up to it. I'm not asking it to be perfect, but I would have liked the makers of this game to have been more thorough in finding the numerous bugs and been more critical about some of the design decisions- still my opinion. I enjoy it in some aspects, though, and certainly will play it through to the end.

I would still like you to explain how my earlier posts seems like stated facts, though. Or at least why your opinions, Blueprotoss, seems more like opinions than mine do, because I really went out of my way to clarify that I'm only stating my own opinions in this post- something I believe I did in my earlier posts too. People write their own opinions on forums like this, and that is what I have done here- opinions that seem relevant to the thread
Its sad that you criticize AP for having some glitches while games like RDR, Fallout, ME, and Dragon Age have game breaking ones. Every game has glitches while if you bash a game because of glitches then you shouldn't be playing any games at then. I haven't had a glitch appear to me in AP while I have 5 walkthroughs under my belt. The glitch of you getting stuck in one place happens in most of the Unreal Engine games since thats a flaw that the Unreal Engine has. The glitches in AP are because of the Unreal Engine while I doubt that you have played any Unreal games like Dead Space, Gears, Unreal Tournament, and Bioshock then. Gears Online is unplayable hence why people mainly use Shotguns to counter the God powers of the Host and Lag issues. If Gears Online wasn't unplayable then it would be played more and would be listed on the Top 5 games played on XBL instead of being in 9th place. I guess you haven't played that much of Gears then. Btw GSDrag didn't say AP was a decent game while he only bashed AP for no reason at all. Now you're being a normal person since you aren't making your Opinions into Fact or forcing your Opinions while you still need to respect the Opinions of others though.

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