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@Blueprotoss: GSDrag wrote this:

Originally Posted by GSDrag View Post
I would give this game a decent at the very best. The only reason I had to buy this game was because of the RPG element and the story, I had imagined it to be similar to Mass Effect. In the RPG aspect I do believe it was interesting.
And after this he reasons why he feels like he does about the game. I cannot see how this is bashing the game and flaming...

By the way, I respect other people's opinions, but you are being pretty hypocritical here. You want me and others to write things like "I think", "in my opinion", "from my point of view" and so on, otherwise we are apparently making opinions into fact. You however, seem to have the luxury to skip these phrases without "making opinion into fact". How is that?

You wrote things like:

Originally Posted by Blueprotoss View Post
Fallout 3 wasn't finished until Brotherhood of Steel was availble while glitches made it unplayabale at times. Halo 3 ODST was a rushed game for profit hence the Multiplayer was Halo 3 while it was worth $20. MW2 was barely playable because of all the glitches that people found then abused while its playable now because of the multiple patches that were done.
Originally Posted by Blueprotoss View Post
AP is a polished game while its surprising that most of the people that are having glitches with it are playing the Reviewer's copy, which is the unfinished version that allows Reviewers to skip parts of the game to meet their Deadlines.
Originally Posted by Blueprotoss View Post
You need to bite your tongue since you would rather bad mouth AP for glitches while most people don't encounter any glitches at all. Most of the people that have encounterd glitches in AP were Reviewers that played the Review copy, which allows them to skip parts of the game to meet their Deadlines.
Originally Posted by Blueprotoss View Post
Fallout 3's story wasn't finished because all of the Bethesda games can be played in Free Roam even if the story was over hence why Brotherhood of Steel was the Real Ending for it.

ODST was unplayable since nobody cares to play the old Halo 3 Multiplayer for a new game like ODST. I'm sure you wouldn't want to play Reach if it was completely like Halo 3. ODST should only have been worth $20 since it was a short game hence it was called an Expansion pack while the old Halo 3 Multiplayer was keep and most of the people that played it already paid for all of the maps.

MW2 is still glitchy while its playable now while the first 4 months were a glitchfest that MS didn't want IW to repair it. I can easily deal with glitches while you can't since you're moaning about the no existent glitches in AP.

Red Dead Redemption hs many glitches including flying horses/people, horses disappearing into the ground, the whole freezing the game, and now seeing the game code because of the new Co-Op DLC. Its a glitchy game in general while the Reviewers don't comment since THQ bribed them with money.

Gears Multiplayer is unplayable since most of the player are Modders and Hackers that abuse their Host powers while I doubt that you have played it then.

When ME2 first came out tons of people had glitches that would crash your game then erase that data while many Reviewers commented about that. That still happens while it doesn't happen as much now.

All I hear you is bash AP for problems while you praise games that have worse problems like Fallout 3, Halo 3 ODST, MW2, Read Dead Redemption, Gears series, and ME2.
I could find more, but this will do. These are your opinions, but how is it that you are not trying to make these things into facts?
To sum up on some of it:
THQ bribed reviewers for money? Fallout 3, MW2, RDR, and so on, have bigger problems than AP? Most people experience no glitches at all in AP? AP is a polished game and most people who are experiencing glitches are playing the reviewers' copies? Fallout 3 was unplayable at times until the Brotherhood of Steel DLC came out?

How can I see that these statements aren't your opinions or make-belief which you aren't trying to make into facts? It seems to me that you think these things are facts- at least, you portray them that way. How is it that this is worse than what I and others have written before?

I'm writing my arguments and opinions from my own experiences with the game, and most of the time you are not. Did you witness THQ bribe the reviewers at IGN, Gamespot or wherever? Have you asked most people who are experiencing glitches in AP whether or not they are playing the reviewer's copies? I'm certainly not. Where do you get these things from?

My point is: yes, all games have glitches of some kind. But my experience with AP is that it has more than most games- several glitches of several character, and they happen quite often. I have mentioned the ones I have experienced in earlier posts, so I'm not going to do it again.
And also, do you believe AP has glitches at all, or do you believe it is glitch-free? Because you are contradicting yourself on this part in your posts- at one point you state that AP doesn't have glitches at all, but you are also saying that all games have glitches. Which one is it?

To sum up on my questions to you, Blueprotoss:

After reading the part with quotes from your own post above, how am I ,and others on this forum, trying to make our opinions into fact any more than you are? And don't start quoting my earlier posts, and prove I'm doing the same thing because maybe I am at times (doing the same as you)- I'll admit that. You just try to answer me how my posts are worse than yours in the opinion/fact-aspect. Enlighten me please.

In your opinion: does AP have glitches of any character at all, or doesn't it? Please be clear on this now. Otherwise, why are you comparing it to other, of your opinion by the way, glitchy games?
Don't worry, if you answer "yes, AP has glitches" then I won't take it as having forced my opinion onto you. I know you are not admitting to agree with my opinions about AP, so don't consider this "a trap" of some sort

We are having an argument, discussing, and I'm not trying to "lure you over to the dark side" or anything. I'm just putting my points of view onto the table and arguing with what experience I have. I respect you opinion, but I do think you are being a bit hypocritical, though. The whole opinion/fact thing, which you are not being better at seperating than any other in this thread, and the accusing people of flaming and bashing, even though they are backing up their points with valid arguments and experiences, is just hypocritical, I think.

If you can enlighten me by answering the above-stated questions then feel free to ask me something back, and I'll answer. If you won't answer them, then I'll consider this discussion closed, because you are being more confusing than clear, right now (in my opinion)
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