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you can fly through the first 3 stages without shooting anyone. but there is this one guy who's missle you cannot dodge... you HAVE TO KILL HIM or he WILL hit you. I've tried everything. banking ahead of time and at the last second, barrel rolling ahead of time and at the last second. and changing course like mad at all speeds "barrel rolling can confuse some missles but don't rely on it too much. but never worked on this guy yet."

the reason you can't dodge it is because he don't shoot till he is point blank range from your face. there is 1 in every stage after stage 3. (not including stages where you fly through canyons and such. only in free flight areas!) they are actually very easy to spot. when they show up, they start barrel rolling non-stop and charge strait at you. they are purple in color (at least on my tv) and if you try to change course, well they will change too. so they get in your face no matter what and they never fire until they are 1 inch from you. other than that one jet, everything else is easily dodged through banking and boosting.

Also if all that isn't specific enough, his missle has purple/blue smoke too. as where everyone else has yellow or red.

If you do know a way to simply dodge the missle, i'd like to know.........

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