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this game is a big joke...
i love streetfighter since snes but this thing is killin me.
today i just have started again and played arcade mode with 0, fuckin 0 stars. okay i think 0 stars (up to 7) should be quite easy to beat. i mean there are a lot of beginners with the game, too. forget the beginners! beginners will get raped in the ass. ryu spams hadoken and high kick if ur jumpin even on the lowest difficulty of the game.bison is single joke.u miss 1 block and ur done...
i got that angry, i decided to give my walls some nice LT punches with my fists, my monitor got a nice tiger knee and the xbox controller got thrown trough the wall. my first game where i got angry... sick japanese...
btw. i decided to try it on 7 stars after 3 hours to beat 0 stars one. the first 2 fights i won and not even could make a difference to the easy difficulty... ridicioulus game.
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