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Originally Posted by GameFreak47 View Post
Right off the bat, do not bother with the game's default classes, and instead opt for your own. There are only four skill trees worth investing into, and they are Stealth, Pistols, Technical Aptitude, and Toughness. Stealth and Pistols are the most important however, as having as many points as you can in both will make this game a cake-walk. Technical Aptitude will do a variety of things for you, anywhere between increasing all of the stats associated with your various weapons, to making each of the mini-games easier. Toughness allows you to stay alive for longer, so it's always good to invest into.
Sabotage makes the minigames easier (and increases profits on data theft), not technical aptitude.

Originally Posted by DeathStarkill View Post
Respected Enemies 5
You gained Marburg's respect and bested him in battle.

See Youth Trumps Experience for more info.

This achievement is the exact opposite of Youth Trumps Experience, so you have to take a much different approach. Marburg respects those that are loyal, and finish what they start. That means, use nothing but Professional responses with him.

Eventually, when you get to the mission "Intercept Marburg at the Museum of Art", stick yet again with Professional answers before the boss fight. After you've damaged him enough, he will talk to you yet again. Simply stick with Professional answers again, and he will retreat. After that, the achievement will unlock


Please add that even if MARBURG likes you and your rating is 6-10 with WILL NOT get this achievement if you decide to save MS. ST. JAMES. Even if you do all the original poster says, but you decide to save ST. will not pop. You have to go disarm the bombs and let Marburg shoot St. James.
Originally Posted by GameFreak47 View Post
This is the first I've heard of this. No matter what, you'll either get Respected Enemies or Youth Trumps Experience. I'll look into it, but unless I see a lot of people saying the same thing regarding this, I won't edit this in.
I got madburg to really like me(9), but I saved St. James instead of disarming the bombs. I didnt get either achievement. did it offline so no timestamp, but if the achievements remain in the order you got them you will see I have friends before strangers and then operation deus vault if you check my gamercard (or simply that I have both these but neither of the madburg achievements yet)
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