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ok i think chromehounds 2 should have the same type of online gameplay like the original chromehounds like team Death Match but making like 20v20 . Go into details of what you can but on the hound. i think they should make the hounds have more stamina or speed. also make the maps bigger so people dont exploit the game and base range with a overweight hound. they should also give the hounds more custimization to them like more parts or accessories . some smaller to make the hound more defensive like have small joints that can make another piece go where ever it can making the hound look more unique. also more bullet ammo types and weapons. have legs that can carry more weight to hold more guns and armor, but not to many so it gives you an easy advantage. also give them more health so they can handle bullet dmg. also have to have amazing graphics. but a very good level system unlocking stuff on the way and improvement to hound accessories like legs giving more stamina maybe, bullets giving more damage stuff like that. these ideas would make the game the best. Gt was BM GH0ST so yea....

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