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fireworks achievements not glitched just poorly written

first of all my brother has dark void in ps3 and he has every trophy for it and i just got this game from a buddy a few days ago. i came on here and looked thru the forums and saw people was saying certain cheevos was glitched. since i did not beat the game or got enuff points i cannot speak on grease monkey but at far as fireworks is concerned i figured it out. i tried the method of the kill the 3 knights on 1-5 and repeat and i did that like 5 times to no avail then my brother told me that i was doing it wrong. ps3 trophy reads ''kill 10 by exploding a piece of dynamite in the air'' it still sound confusing but then my bro told me you dont throw the grenade at them you throw it above their heads so it could explode in mid-air and kill them. i tested it on my game and it worked like a charm. whats also nutz is that it you dont have do it with flying enemies at all lol u can but i killed all ground people when it popped which is easier because its easy to cook off a grenade and throw it above their head when they are on the ground rather than flying enemies who move around a lot. the people who unlocked it probably just got lucky after playing so many boards over and over and killing so much enemies did not realise some of those grenades they thru was actually thrown above their head to kill them. i hope this clears up the whole glitch thing whoever wrote the titles for this achievement on 360 should be ashamed of themselves. i might send a message to the person who wrote the achievement guide to put this strategy under the fireworks achievement if someone other than myself confirms it. whoever do not have it go on any board and try to do this strategy to ten people on the ground or flying and you will hear a familiar sound pop. lemme know

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