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I use level 37 (Merry Go Round) and I can get over 70 sharks in one play (you have mines and clamps when you need to die) and if you grab a shield powerup (the one with the S) by accident, you can get rid of it by hitting a mine (it will not kill you if you wear the shield, it will only destroy the shield). And avoid at all cost the Frenzy powerup and the sick, poison fishes. For me, level 37 is easier than level 38 (Shark Reef) because of all this. If you can get ~70 sharks in one play everytime, that is ~700 sharks in 10 plays, wich is not bad, you are 3/4 way through for the achievement

edit: I just unlocked my last and final achievement for this game...YAY. Level 37 people. You can get between 60 and 80 sharks per play if you are lucky (and even more if you earn extra lives during the process)

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