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Online Boosting Advice - Survival Method


I just wanted to fully explain the survival wins boosting method for those who do not know how effective this can be.

Basically, your main account plays two other profiles (second accounts) of two other boosters (a second account is easy to set up, just register another email address thru hotmail or whatever and then either use 48hr trials or just sign up for the 4.99 per month option -its really not alot of cash)

you then go into survival, play the other two second accounts for 100 matches (the people who have the second accounts can go and do something else/watch tv/whatever for 20 -30 mins - saves on bordem) this way the games dont go unofficial (if you play 1v1 versus the same profile the games will start to not count towards your rank after 30ish games)

this way you get 25,000 points as you play all 100 games without it becoming unofficial (rather than the 7,500 you get for 1v1.) So this way it doesnt matter what rank you are or what rank your opponents are you still get a shed load of points.

So if you are interested in this method, message me on live, i have two accounts and 2 xboxes and i really wanna get this done! But this post is to make everyones life easier on this S.O.B. game!
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