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This might clear up some things for a few people:
By 'loading up Mombasa Streets' he/she means that you have to actually load Mombasa Streets and not Prepare to Drop.
If you don't have Mombasa Streets it means that you haven't completed all of the levels yet.

The 30th one (in Data Hive) is in a room that the Cop goes into instead of following the main corridor.
It's somewhere in there: I haven't gotten to it yet. But be careful: he'll turn hostile when you find it, saying, "Sorry friend... You know too much..."
I'm not sure if you can do this on Legendary, as the Cop dies as you go down the second Data Stack from Buggers. And plus, I haven't been able to go that far. A guy in a video oddly did it on Heroic, possibly confirming my thought.

If you're on Co-Op, you need to get them all in one game. So you can't Save and Quit and then go straight to Data Hive. You need to trigger the last Flashback (Kikowani Station), complete it, and then head for the last one in Data Hive.

I just got the All Ears and Audiophile Achievements. I also did the Naughty Naughty Achievement as well, as I thought it would be more beneficial to kill the Engineers I come across.

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