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Originally Posted by GORQITO View Post
Yeah I know what you mean. I am getting frustrated too and the League 5 and 4 Legend acheivements won't unlock for me as well as the 20mil point drift. And I doubt that they will try to patch any of this, so my only guess is to re-install.
Hey, I just found a way to get the cheevos; before you do the last goal of any league, exit the game and make a backup of your save file, then start the game and complete the league, if the achievement don't unlock, exit the game again and put that backup file on the save folder, this way you can do the last race again, and maybe the achievement unlocks.

I did this and it worked for me many times, at leagues 6, 5 and 1, I did the last race and the achievement didn't unlock, then I did like above and the achievement pops in the second try. For the "World Class Legend" the cheevo pops in the 3rd try. Now I have all leagues achievements but the last one, with 2~3 goals to go.

EDIT.: The tip above works for the challenges too, the "Prestige" achievement unloncked just in the 2nd try.

I hope this can help you and everyone with this problem.

PS.: Sorry for my bad english.
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