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Collateral Damage 10

Have a team-mate Destroy 30 EyeScouts and Helicopters in Ginormica levels in Coop.

This achievement can be done with a friend (local only) or by your self and it is best to do this after you have completed the game you will be dieing a lot.

The Eye Scouts are the small alien flying ships (found in the later levels) and the Helicopters are the human flying ships (found in the earlier levels). If doing this on your own select the first Ginormica mission (Chapter 1 Mission 1: Jail Break) and start up a second controller. Take control of the second controller as soon as the mission starts and direct the on screen curser with the and use the to shoot (make sure you have the Blast Attack white energy bar and not the Tractor Beam green energy bar). Highlight any Helicopters you see and shoot them down. Since you are not controlling Ginormica she will die let the game reload the last checkpoint and repeat until the achievement unlocks.

Is it 30 helicopters and 30 eyescouts, because im pretty sure i've killed 30 helicopters and it hasn't unlocked for me, and does it matter if you have the blast attack charged or not? What is the best level for eyescouts? Thanks

For some reason I had to do it on another save, and did it on helicopters. Don't know why it didn't unlock for my original save file, because I know I had well over 30 helicopter and eyescouts killed. So anyone else have the same problem just create a new save file, no worries. Thanks for the guide by the way.

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