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Originally Posted by Stevolutionary View Post
Hey man, thanks for coming here and explaining. Another 112% (Seanyowns) also said a similar thing, and I think a few are in the same situation.

The people i've been going for are not those that modded to 112% either to replace a save or just being lazy, but those that used it to lie to others in their bios and then scam them, then trolled people in forums and wasted their time and energy. I'm not concerned about any leaderboard position of mine (contrary to popular belief) but simply in preventing people getting scammed.

Yourself, and Seanyowns who also posted here, have not done anything like that (scamming) and I for one, haven't reported either of you as it's only the scammers and time wasters i'm going for.

I suggest however, yourself, and anyone else possibly facing a ban, take it up with the creator of the mod who dropped you all in it, and still to this day mindlessly trolls these forums and others about it. As far as we know, he's Hq8, unless that's someone else he's been impersonating (likely) but he's also known as Frylock on se7en sins.

FlawlessOddity was on his friend's list, and has posted here supporting his lie (and is not an alt as you can tell by his writing he's a different person) so I suggest asking him who the mod creator really is. If we can bring him down, i'm sure they'll be more lenient on the others.

I'd also suggest maybe altering your bio, so people know it isn't possible, and any moderator reviewing your profile takes note it was a simple mistake.
I hope I got my point across also:

Originally Posted by Filthy Headshot View Post
Wow, I didn't spend 1000$ on games/consoles/memberships to get my account banned over something as small as this. Oh, and if you're wondering why I'm at 112% here's the story:

So I was at chapter 20, I decided to take a break and stop playing for a while. I turned on my Xbox 360 and decided that I should clean out my memory because my Xbox 360 was getting a bit slow. I found what I thought was my offline profile (it has the same name as my online profile) and I deleted it, also deleting the items (saves for games such as LIMBO). Little did I know I actually deleted my online profile and my save for LMBO. I recovered my gamer-tag, played LIMBO and figured out that I had to start the story over again. I din't want to because I was so anxious to finish the game that I downloaded a game save that had the game fully completed. I downloaded the game save and replaced it for mine. I then found out that the file also boosted my percentage completion to 112% on the LIMBO leader-board. I worried about it for a little bit, but then I was convinced that I wasn't going to get banned. To be on the safe side I downloaded another game-save that only had 100% completion and overwrited the existing 112% save. No dice, my leader-board score was unfortunately still at 112%. People, it was accidental, and if you're going to report me over an accident, even when I don't abuse modding and I don't even think about trying to abuse modding then please, take a walk in my shoes at this current moment and see how you feel. This is very unfortunate, and I do apologize to all of the people that actually got to 111% legit on the LIMBO leader-board. If I could reset my percentage I would right away, I assure you, but unfortunately I can't.

It'd also be nice if you didn't report me. I just got a capture card and set up a clan, it'd be very unfortunate to get banned, again over something that was accidental and as small as this.

With my deepest apologies,
- FilthyHeadshot
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