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Another easy variation of the '3 goons with one batclaw' wait till the goon at the start walks past the door the run behind him to the left down the stairs.

Back up into the corner opposite the stairs and look up at the ledge, there are 2 stationary guards lined up for the claw.

The third (the goon the walked past you at the start) is heading toward the 2 stationary guards when he is in position double tap right trigger to pull them all off.

If you are having any issues with the positioning throw a sonic b.r to the right of the closest stationary guard.

As fro the 'zip line k.o' I lured a goon to a set of stairs with the b.r, showed myself on the ledge above making the goon climb the ladder. when he reached the top of the ladder I zip lined him in the face. Recommend on the last goon standing.
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