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Originally Posted by benjam360x View Post
any help for 1 with the shadow ach would be great. On the nasri mission is there a way to get through the front gate without the guards activating the alarm when u enter the complex. Also are u sure the guards turning yellow doesnt affect it as im now on my third playthrough and have just completed cia listening post yet ach has not popped. Have u heard if it maybe gliched.
I don't think there is, but it doesn't matter as long as you have a radio mimic. just take one with you, when the alarm goes off, use it, and you're good to go! Trust me it doesn't affect the achievement to have THAT alarm go off. I did the bug planting mission in saudi, the Nasri mission, and I did Rome first so I snuck through the CIA listening post, and it popped right after that one. Hope that helps.

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