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Originally Posted by rabies View Post
Sounds like you are some kind of natural talent or something. If you breezed through paper thin walls and master control like they were nothing, then no..nothing in the game will come up that will be completely challenging to you. Congrats. Most of us find many of the levels in this game very hard.
Thanks for the compliment. I'm sorry if I sounded like an ass in my first post. After playing the original i wanted more of the same. Incredibly hard levels would have been a fun challenge for me, and provide me with hours of practice.

An example would be the video I showed. I had been stuck there for 3 days, totaling at least 12 hours. However, as i got further i learned more tricks to survive. Eventually i had the whole level plan, and it didn't take long to succeed after that.

I felt like those insane challenges were missing from N+. I can understand it though. Letting your xbox powered on for three days would be quite the risk

So I just wanted to apologize for my first post, and for those wondering, I did die over thousand times before getting the 50 episodes achievement.
Proudest Achievement:

From Ninja Gaiden II, known as one of the most difficult games on the Xbox 360

I completed the entire game without glitching, farming essence, skipping fights or skipping Tests of Valor. It was extremely difficult (being my first action game), but I'm proud of having been able to destroy everything the game threw at me.
If anyone knows any difficult (but fair) and cheap game, please let me know so that I can try to beat it
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