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Chapter 2

Poster 1: Start the chapter and progress to the wall where you need to plant C4. After you destroy the wall you should see the poster on the right hand side on the wall as you enter the balcony area.

Target 1: Follow the balcony around to the other side, once you see the small archways, enter and walk towards the hole in the wall. Turn around and look high up on the wall behind you.

Poster 2: Jump down to the next area and listen to the Intel and finish the interactive slow walking scene. Break through the boards and head to your left. One you get to the end of the hall look to your left to find several ammo crate and the next poster.

Target 2: Exit the building by break through the breakable wall. Walk over to the second breakable wall and look above the windows on the left hand side. The target is between one of the support arches.

Target 3: Lift the shutter and enter the alley. Follow the alley until you see the "Fruit & Veg" sign on the left hand side of the alley before the pay phone. Look to the building on your left and directly up.

Poster 3: Use the payphone and kill the enemies which rush into the area. Climb up to the building next to the payphone and the poster will be right in front of you as you enter through the window.

Poster 4: After Poster 3 Head up the stairs to your left instead of jumping down, the poster will be right in front of you at the top of the stairs.

Target 4: From Poster 4 head towards the money crates to your left. From here you should be able to see the target through an open doorway on the building opposite where you're standing.

Target 5: Shortly you will enter an area where you need to destroy a tank. Follow the path to your left and kill the group of enemies blocking your way. Just to your left will be a set of stairs that you need to walk down, before using them look above to find this target hidden in the arches above this set of stairs.

Poster 5: After you follow the stairs down to the area below cross over to the stalls, then up the stairs on the other side. You will find the poster on the wall near where you entered the area.

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