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Chapter 3

Target 1: Once you start this chapter run right to the end of the room, keep to the left and you will see two big holes in the wall. Look inside the second hole and the target will be in front of you.

Target 2: Enter the mall and watch the cut-scene with the falling concrete. Run to the left and stand next to the large piece of concrete that has just fallen from the ceiling. Look up to the balcony above and you will see the target on the underside of the balcony.

Poster 1: Enter the first store on your right and you will see two vending machines in front of you, look to the right to find the next poster on the wall.

Target 3:
Head through the various stores and into the broken stairwell. As soon as you see the broken stair set look directly up and to the left.

Poster 2: Enter the ground floor of the mall and kill all the enemies. Once the area is clear head over towards the other side and look behind the pillar in the corner. This area is left of the "Danger of Death" sign in the furthest most right corner of the mall.

Poster 3: Climb up to the balcony and run past the payphone to the next shutter which you need to lift. One you enter the next area look directly to your left behind the arcade machine.

Target 4: Continue through the hallways until your objective requires you to plant some C4. Before you plant it look through the doorway to the left and down onto a metal shelf. The target will be in plain view through a hole in the floor.

Poster 4: After blowing up the wall, head down the stairs to the area below, to your left you will find a truck. Look between the truck and you will see the next poster on the wall to the left.

Target 5: Clear the area and head up towards the switch you need to pull to open the gate. Before you enter the room with the switch run to the end of the catwalk and shoot the target above the container below.

Poster 5; Open the game and continue through the area until you're on the other side of the gate. Look inside the small building with the MG. The poster is directly behind it on the wall.

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