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Originally Posted by shulamm View Post
Very good job with all these guides. Congratulations. I wouldn't have been that patience.

What else can you tell about "The grace of Erebus"? I can't manage to get it. I'm in the skeleton room in Temple of Medusa, repeating and repeating, and the achievement doesn't want to pop. I use that power and get some chain hitting B when impact, like four or five long, even getting kills. Anyway the definition of the achievement is a little weird. It says "connect", maybe the kills don't matter. And also maybe it doesn't matter the lenght of the chain, maybe just "make a chain", like 50 times. Honestly, I've been almost three hours only with this achievement. I'm doing or understanding something wrong.

I got the same problem, there's no way of connecting 50 times in a row. i alrdy run out of soul after 6 or so
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