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Question about achievements

Anybody knoes how to get this for non japanese speaking people like me?

戦場のカメラマン 1 (30)
Complete the CG Gallery for Miyafuji, Lynette, and Sakamoto

戦場のカメラマン 2 (30)
Complete the CG Gallery for Minna, Barkhorn, and Hartmann

戦場のカメラマン 3 (30)
Complete the CG Gallery for Perrine, Lucchini, and Charlotte

戦場のカメラマン 4 (30)
Complete the CG Gallery for Sanya, Eila, and Takei

君を忘れない (30)
Listen to a record in the meeting room

当たるも八卦 (30)
Do fortune-telling in Eila's room

分析完了 (30)
Collect all of the data for the Tenjou Gunroom

where is meeting room, Eila's room, Gunroom and gallery?

I was on every possible option in the main menu and only found Story, Arcade, Training I think and something like school
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