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Originally Posted by Orange Gouf View Post
Haha, awesome.

Let's see....Wily 5. For the first part, really you HAVE to take your time and shoot all the moles that are close to hitting you. Use the Water Shield as much as you can to help out, or anything else that's not the Chill Spike. Once you get to the second part with the moles, if you're quick AND take the upper path, you CAN walk through the rest of the stage without taking a hit. For Wily, I recommend pausing the game as soon as Wily appears, find out which of them is the real one and plan accordingly. If he appears on either side and is going to do the energy ball thing, pause as soon as the energy ball appears and again, plan accordingly. By jumping really high with the low gravity, you will hopefully get about 4 Chill Spikes in per appearance. If he's not doing the energy ball thing, only take a shot if you've got a good chance or if he sneezes. The 5 little spark balls move pretty slowly on Easy, so you should be able to dodge those decently. But again, pause LOTS to think of your next move.

Good Luck!
Yeah, I figured out what to me was a guaranteed way to dodge the homing balls. I got about a block away from the far side from where they were coming from, and jumped about halfway up for the first ball. The jump was timed so that as I was coming down the second homing ball was going towards the peak of my jump. Repeated that, and never got hit. Overall mr. perfect wasn't THAT bad, just took a lot of time spent in challenge mode memorizing patterns and learning tricks to kill enemies faster / safely.
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