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Originally Posted by darkdrake View Post
i actually am not having a problem with it. it reminds me of the old lotr games (the two towers, return of the king) a friend and i were going through it last night, and were laughing are ass off picking off people with a bow from miles away lol...

now when i go and play this single player it might be a totally different thing but with 2 people its fun, especially just laughing at thing like this one level we bowed these 2 guy is the face and they looked like that guy from hellraiser... or when you get a quick arrow off and it goes in one of the enemies throats, and they still continue fighting lol....

it was actually enjoyable.
It probally reminds you of the older LOTR games because it was made by the same people Stormfront.

But yes, this game is very boring to me as well, the whole game could've been structured better to make a better game. I also don't like that half the time I'm shooting guys off screen.. hah.
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