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Originally Posted by Dstrukt View Post
Nicely set up. I'm in. I got your msg jeffjr92492 but your FR list is full =P
Yes, I figured that my friend's list would be full. That's why I added Darth Odan's name too.

Originally Posted by Zef View Post
When exactly is this going down? I'll have to prepare some snacks on the journey to 40k and I don't want to be late =)

I also think that we need to set out some sort of rule on who kills first, like Axis take the first turn or something. Everyone in the game pairs up with one ally and two enemies and goes to their own small section of the map. Then take turns of 10 kills and revives each before switching over. So A and B are axis, C and D are allies. A kills C. D revives C. Repeat until there are ten kills and ten revives. C then kills A. B revives A. Repeat until there are another ten kills and revives.

It is less chaotic than just killing randomly, although it will take a herculean effort to pull off.
1. The boosting party will be taking place whenever everyone is available to do it.

2. That's where the kills and revives are going to get confusing. Everyone is going to be on a different team everytime, so I was thinking like the first person on one team matches up with the first and second person on the other team and so on. Once they see who they are matched up with, they will send that person a chat invite to tell them where they will meet and such. The person that keeps getting the revives and kills will go on until they get around 50-70, then they will completely stop doing anything and let everyone else get 50-70. Once everyone gets 50-70 points, we will just play for real and get some more points.

3. It will take a herculean effort to do this successfully.

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