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Originally Posted by ZundayXx View Post
For the love of god REMOVE THIS.
Let poeple figure out they're own tactics.
I was getting pissed off at the Warthog Rushing went up because of that stupid Strategy Clip on the dashboard, and now this??
Don't mean to be rude for your guide, its nice. It just has the wrong consequenses.
( In another words: Poeple will copy this and again this game will become a Copy-Someone-Else-Because-He/She-Is-Good-At-This-Game-Game. )
Dude back off he's just trying to help, besides these are general strategies. Everyone changes Strategies to there own personal styles and also people are smart they will develope their own strategies and it will probable be better than these. And if your so pissed that he posted this than why even bother to waste your time to post hate crap.
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