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I freaking Love chromehounds! Yeah i wasnt a huge fan of the story but online is where its at! I played it sense it game out till about 2009 when i decided to part with it because i was in all the wars, haha i think it was like war number 53 or something like that.

But yeah If they made a new one i would buy it in a heart beat! Heck is they made a new download for the original i would buy it again.

I remember always sniping online and just watching that massive bullet drop into the guys cockpit.

If they did anything i would just want:
-A blackmarket, so you can buy all country parts instead of waiting every war for a selected few parts then getting outbidded on it.
-Bullet damage, Yeah it's cool that you can shoot armor and guns off but it would be sweet to see bullet holes (sniper round leaving a huge hole in the armor)
-Make some parts lighter that obviously wouldnt weigh that much.
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