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"Played 1,000 Deathmatch Games
Map: Subway
Level variant: Small
Weapons: Jackal ONLY
Bot Personality: Vanilla
The quickest way is to lose at Team Killcount, so go against 6 Dark Agent bots and have 9 Agent bots on your team. This shouldn't last more than about 30 seconds each time."

Played 1,000 Deathmatch Games
Map: Urban
Level variant: Small
Weapons: RCP-90 Only
Bot Personality: Vanilla
Bot Difficulty: Dark Agent (Your Team), Agent (Enemy Team)
Spawn Type: Randomspawn (Advanced Options)

This game type works much better, takes a maximum of 10 seconds and can be as quick as 3 seconds to complete. Split team equally with 7 bots & you versus 8 bots.
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