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Achievement Guide and Roadmap

Well as much as I wanted to keep this a rare 1k, after quite a few requests I will write a guide, I think I may also write guide for some more of the rarer asian games out there, so keep an eye out

-Estimated achievement difficulty: 660: 1/10
840: 2/10
1000: 4/10
-Offline: 10 (1000)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 35+ hrs
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements? No Difficulty Setting (I think )
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: None
-Extra equipment needed? Microphone, the one inluded, or an older Logitech USB mic)

Welcome to Superstar Karaoke, a Korean Karaoke Game The things we do for gamerscore... First off you need no korean at all to 1k this game, though the usual Yes, No, Save, Load etc knowledge is a good start. The rest of the stuff I have already worked out so no problems there just follow this guide Generally it is a very easy game, except for one achievement, Get all Greats on a song.

Singing method: there are various methods which work, the TV trick doesn't since the game has no song playing anyways. Humming works the best, a loud, mid range hum does the trick since the game doesn't seem to pick up extreme ranges. For best results change note on each section to assure a 'Great' Rating. Though this is not at all neccessary it seemed to help me get the best results. A monotone pitch also does a good job, though very very annoying, go to this link, select 'Organ mode' and wedge down a note. Turn up the volume loud and I'd advise not being in the same room to as great a degree as possible to avoid instanity, however it does give good results.

Achievements: All Achievements are attained in Superstar mode (the top option), the other options are:

Practice Mode
Quick Play

There are around 300 songs on the disk, perhaps more (and many more as DLC apparantly) and around 25 songs in English, choose an English song you know for easier all Greats. Also note this is a Kids game however the Koreans don't seem to have anything against bad language being sung by kids over there... Joy

Note if any XP value are wrong please let me know and I will correct them

Note 2: I would advice HEAVILY AGAINST backing out at any point, it is better to fail, as it seems the game doesn't like this, especially regarding the old man achievement as it may not pop the achievement for landing on 5 if you had backed out in the previous run

<< Boy or "Arareru"

<< Girl or "Fuzurugun"

<< Middle Aged Man or "Hujulgeun"

<< Middle Aged Woman or "Tiara"

<< Old Man or "Nabaru" or "Grandfather Kumoni"

<< Dog!

I have stated these as I will refer to characters many times within the guide:

Also in the road map I am putting the method of the achievements instead of the names and this will probably be easier to follow:

Step 1: Start Singing!
This pretty much is the 1 and only step to this game, it is very straightforward just long and time consuming. Start off with the Boy, get him to level 4 (240,000XP), by this point you will hopefully have, the S rank achievement, the all Great achievement, the get the boy to level 2 achievement and the unlock the man achievement.

Step 2: Keep Singing!
Next get the girl to level 3 (120,000XP) this should unlock Tiara and give you the get the girl to level 3 achievement

Step 3: Some more Singing!

Now complete 1 'Gig' with the middle aged man, then 1 with Tiara. Get 3 '100 ratings' out of 6 songs to give you the Tiaras singing class achievement.

Step 4: Keep Singing until you are lucky!
Now start singing with the Old man, if you have sung as the other 4 characters already unlocked you will unlock the Dog and 70G. Now keep singing with the old man; after 5 songs you get to use the spinner like normal to select the 6th song, now for the old man achievement you must have the item on the 5th song choice and then land on it - 50G. This is an annoying one since 1 in 5 chance of item being next to 5; 1 in 5 of landing on 5 and one go every 6 songs. That is means a 1 in 150 song chance of getting this achievement... joy. Note earlier inthe Roadmap about quitting out...

Step 5: Carry On Singing! ... The long haul
The final step in your journey to 1K, the Dog!
Now you want to max out the Dog's XP at 720,000XP, while doing this, when selecting the 'Gig' choose the bottom most option when it is unlocked and do this 10 times in a row without failing or backing out for the endurance achievement. Once you hit 720,000XP you will unlock SuperDog and your last achievement (hopefully, as long as you already have all Greats etc)

Congrats 1K Superstar, on a game you have no clue of understanding the songs, unless of course you speak Korean... Enjoy

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