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Originally Posted by STIK WiD iT View Post
FIRST N SECOND FIGHT fight just to parrys then bbb,yyy

THRID FIGHT 2 parrys then bbb,yyy
PHASE TWO 3 parrys then bbb,yyy
PHASE THREE 4 parrys bbb,yyy( its all timing with parrys stay close to him dont let him barrel roll)

FOURTH FIGHT (building) 4 parrys then xxx,yyy kick no longer works stay close again

FINAL FIGHT- untill u get the head off its the same as fight 4

after head comes off just run around until he jumps into the air and hit the ground xxx,yyy focus y or x rinse and repeat untill u can do multiple focuses
and hes all done
I can second this method. Worked a treat. 4th fight parries took were tricky to get the timing. Once I had it, the fight got much easier. I tried the running around method and it took toooooooo long. Parrying is the way forward.

Another tip for the final fight (bear head completely off) - use Focus + Y when he does the high jumps. Even from a distance is does damage and you can keep well out of the way.
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